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There are many online casinos out there and more and more people join the online betting community. But are you placing your bets in a safe environment? Are your online transactions secure while you use real money to kill a little bit of time or are there threats involved? What games will you be able to enjoy while creating your account on your favorable casino online? How can you claim your welcome bonuses and free spins offers as new player? Is it safe to play on your mobile? And most importantly, what is the most suited  online casino for your own taste?

Online Casino Masters is here to provide you with data based answers to all of those important questions and more. So rest assured that you are being tipped by the best, we are not the masters of casinos online for nothing. We have done extensive research and data analyses while gathering all the important information you must know before getting started.

Top 5 Online Casinos

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Casino.com Verified $15 $3200 Review Visit
Spin Palace Online Casino Verified $10 $1000 Review Visit
Royal Vegas Verified $5 $1200 Review Visit
Jackpot City Verified $10 $1600 Review Visit
Roxy Palace Verified $20 $350 Review Visit

What Will You Find On Our Website

In this website you will find valid information for every popular online casino out there, transaction methods each casino uses, security systems that the software operates, details regarding the customer support options and how to contact each casino for any information you might need. You will find games strategies and tips aimed to provide you with some experience and help you develop your own type of gaming style and strategies.

Naturally, our guide focuses mainly on traditional gambling games such as online pokies, online roulette, blackjack etc. All the options you have for online betting are here, such as online sports betting, playing keno and much more. You will also be able to find information about the different Pokies games in each online casino, the top rollers and the VIP benefits in addition to the top prizes you can get just by participating in the online community and by placing your bets. This all-around information about each online casino is for you to make the most suited and educated choices while getting started in the betting world.

The team of Online Casino Masters strongly advises you to read carefully all the different tips for the online games and the reviews for the online casinos we recommend.

As a new player, you need to know what the online casinos are offering to welcome you to their websites, such as welcome bonuses and free spins offers. Learn how to use wisely these gifts in order to improve your gaming skills. Finally, you shouldn’t miss our Gambling Stories. There you will find interesting topics about gambling, historical facts and more.

How We Make Our Recommendations

We ourselves have traveled to all around the world and visited many different casinos in all the big-money cities like Las Vegas, Monaco, Wynn Macao, Lisboa in Lisbon, Tusk in Rio and got drown into that experience. All the tips we give in this website come from research and personal experience so we hope that we give you a strong boost to keep yourself confident throughout the whole online casino experience. Since we have tried most online casinos, we can firmly say which ones to trust, and which ones to avoid. Here you can find a list with the casinos we recommend with all the latest offers and bonuses to benefit from. Latest update of the list was in October 2015.