Online Casino FAQs

Online Casino Masters Australia FAQsIf you are considering gambling online, there should be many questions in your head, and an abundance of information out there. Here, Online Casino Masters have gathered the most important elements that any online casino player should know before starting. If you are a beginner with gambling, or even if you have years of experience, making the transition from land-based casinos to online casinos, should be a thoughtful process. Here are the basics of online casino gambling:

What do I need in order to start with online casinos? ♠

The answer is very simple. What you need is basically a computer device and internet connection. You can play from your PC or Mac, iPad and mobile.

What is the registration process? ♣

In order to start, first you will need to register. Online casinos will request you submit your personal details, such as real full name, address, phone number and might even a copy of your ID to verify that the details are real. This shouldn’t upset you as it guarantees that your details will be safe and that no one will steal your identity, or deposit someone else’s money.

What options do I have for deposit methods? ♥

Most casinos offer a variety of deposit options, such as credit cards, debit cards, e-Wallets, bank transfer and more. You will have to check each website separately to see if your preferred method is available, or you could read our review pages.

What options do I have for withdrawal methods? ♦

Same as above, most casinos offer a variety of withdrawal options. Since some methods are preferred by online casinos, you might be offered extra benefits if you choose one of those.

Will I be able to track my deposits and withdrawals? ♠

A transaction history will be visible in your account, that way you will be able to track all the deposits and withdrawals you have made, and the balance of your account at any given moment.

What are the withdrawal limits? ♣

Most casinos have restrictions in their withdrawal amounts. This could mean that you will have a maximum amount at your disposal on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis. This also depends on the account type you have. If you deposit a big amount of money, like VIP players, then you have a higher withdrawal limit.

What is the welcome bonus? ♥

Welcome bonuses are offered to first time players, as an introductory offer. You will be offered a percentage of your original deposit, or a fixed amount of money for free. This of course does not mean that you will be able to withdraw that amount immediately. In most cases, you will be required to play the full amount of the welcome bonus, or multipliers of that amount, in order to cash it out. These conditions are known as wagering requirements.

What are the wagering requirements? ♦

Wagering requirements are the conditions that online casinos set to players, if they agree to receive a welcome bonus. That could be that they are required to gamble a specific number of games, or a specific amount of money, a multiplier of the welcome bonus.

Can I play for free? ♠

Yes, in most online casinos you have the free mode, or practice mode. With no need for registration, you can try your skills in the most popular games.

How can I know if an online casino is safe? ♣

If you want to be sure about the safety of an online casino, the best way to go is to check for reviews of other players online. Another very important point is the licenses and approvals an online casino has. Check for the eCOGRA seal before you start.

How can I know if an online casino play is fair? ♥

You should check for the RNG (Random Number Generator) approval. There are external controls that guarantee a fair and safe game, such as the eCOGRA testing agancy. Another crucial factor is the software they are using. Make sure that your online casino uses a reputable and trustworthy software such as Microgaming, NetEnt, or Playtech.

What if I am afraid I have a gamble addiction? ♦

If you are afraid you are addicted to gambling, read our responsible gambling article, and ask for professional help.

Which games are offered by online casinos? ♠ 

In online casinos you will find all the traditional games, such as online roulette, blackjack, pokies, baccarat, poker, video poker and several variations of the aforementioned. New games are introduced daily, making online gambling an exciting experience.


Can I play from my mobile? ♥

Sure. Mobile gambling is the most popular option since it is accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Most online casinos offer mobile versions.

What is a live online casino? ♦

A live casino online, differs than a regular one in the essence of the gameplay. There are dealers in a studio, developing the game, shuffling cards, dealing them etc. It’s very exciting as you can interact with them, and other players too.

Do online casinos offer benefits for VIP players? ♠

Online casinos love their VIP players. In most cases they offer exclusive gifts and more loyalty points. Gifts can vary from trips abroad, to luxurious cars. Loyalty points mean, that the more you play, the casinos offer points for free, to continue playing.

Why should I choose an online casino? ♣

Simply because it’s so easy. If you are able to read this article, it means that you already have internet connection and a PC device, or a Mac, iPad etc. That’s all you need. Now you can register and start playing from the comfort of your own home.

How to choose an online casino? ♦

You are at the right place. The purpose of Online Casino Masters, is to check and review the online casinos out there so that the readers don’t have to. Here you will find the top online casinos .