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Free Spins Best Online Casino MastersWhen you first register in an online casino, you are offered a welcome bonus, and that can be a fixed amount of money, a percentage of your deposit, or Free Spins. It doesn’t refer to free money on your account like the first two welcome bonuses, however it is a way of getting free gameplay time without risking your own cash. It is a great opportunity for trying new games, exploring new strategies or just killing some time. The team of Online Casino Masters website is a huge fan of free spins and in the following article I will explain why.

Best Free Spins Offers by Online Casinos

Platinum Play Free SpinsPlatinum Play Online Casino offers a great 1500 free bets to any new player.


Royal Vegas Free SpinsRoyal Vegas has a unique way to offer you free spins. There is no need for the player to be new, as the free points are credited to someone’s account as he plays. Meaning the more you play, the more free best are credited to your account.

Jackpot City Free SpinsJackpot City gives also gives free points if you want to try some of their new games they introduce constantly.

How to Receive your Free Spins Offers

There is one fact that should be made clear from the start. Not all online casinos offer free spins. Now, if that option is available to the players from the casino, this is what you should know. There are two ways of receiving your free spins and that basically depends on the policies of each online casino. In order to claim your free spins gift, some online casinos require you to make an initial deposit, and that way you unlock the free spins to your account. Some other casinos however, offer free spins and no deposit is required. That simply means, that you are able to spin that wheel of any online pokies game you wish for free! Now what is the great thing about that? Even if the play is for free, the winnings are real, so when you win, the amount of cash in your account is real cash!

Free Spins by Platinum Play Casino

Free Spins vs. Welcome Bonus

Free Spins No Deposit RequiredAs I explained above, this is a way of getting free money in your account from the online casinos. Usually, when you register and deposit your first real money, casinos offer you a welcome bonus. Whether that is a fixed amount or a percentage, you should always read carefully the wagering requirements. Online casinos need to protect themselves from scammers that might just register, receive the bonus, and apply for withdrawal. In order to avoid that, players that have received the welcome bonus, are entitled to some wagering requirements. Those could be that the player has to play a certain amount of games with that amount, or to basically gamble the full amount, or a 2x the amount etc. This is a reality that every gambler should be aware of. The big difference here with free spins, is that your winnings are getting credited to your real account, as real cash in your pocket. Then you can decide what to do with that money.

Free Spins – No Deposit Required

Free spins are usually offered to a player, after he has made his first deposit.

Some online casinos however do not require to make a deposit. Only by registering, meaning opening an account, with your name and details, you will see those free spins or free bets credited in your account. Now, that’s great! Not that common though, so you should always stay updated on the latest offers. The online casino reviews of Online Casino Masters, focus on doing just that. We review the latest offers specifically for online players. So before you register in any online casino, make sure you make your research.

Games Variety

Free Spins Online Casino MastersFree spins usually refer to free games of online pokies. Online casinos however went the extra mile, and now offer free bets as well in other traditional games, such as the online roulette, online blackjack and more. The points you need to use however might vary. For example, if you receive 1500 free bets, each spin of the wheel in online pokies game counts as 1 point. Each free bet in blackjack, counts for 4 points. So, if you use your free bets in blackjack, your playtime will be less. Don’t let that scare you however. Blackjack is a game that requires strategy, and these free bets offer is a great gift from the casinos to test your new strategies. Therefore, using your free spins in a game like blackjack, might offer you less playtime, however it is way more valuable though for your skills.

Online Casino Masters Tips

As we have reviewed and tried all the online casinos we recommend, here are our suggestions, before you receive your free spins offer:

  • If you are offered to choose between a Welcome Bonus and Free Spins, go with the free spins. More fun, more gameplay time.
  • If you are developing a new strategy in your mind for a game you love, this is a great way to test it for free, prior to investing your real money in it.
  • Always read the wagering requirements.
  • Always read online reviews, like ours, before trying a new online casino.