Learn to Recognise Rogue Online Casinos

How to Recognise Rogue Casino WebsitesBank details, Paypal logins, and digital cash are all exchanged in high volumes on casino websites, making them an obvious target for scammers and hackers. As long as you take all the necessary precautions you can still enjoy an online flutter without risking your life savings (well, that depends on how good you are at gambling I suppose!) This article will help you stay safe when gambling online.

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Here’s a simple one to start off with: if you’re unsure about an online casino, google it. In fact, even if you think a site is trustworthy you might as well google it. If it’s one you want to avoid then there will probably be pages and pages of warnings and horror stories. If you read so much as one worrying review of an online casino, avoid it.


Make sure you have a good antivirus program installed. The standard Windows protection is not enough and, contrary to popular belief, neither is Mac OS’s inbuilt protection. Many online casinos require you to download a program to install on your computer in order to play in their online casino. If this is a reputable online casino that has been compromised, or a fake casino site designed to steal your money, there could be something malicious hiding in that download. An anti-virus program will scan any incoming downloads and will alert you to any threats.

Some anti-virus programs also have browser plug-ins which will actively advise you as you browse the web looking for online casinos. For example, Avast Anti-virus, which is free and works on Macs and PCs, lists a casino’s reputation next to its name in Google search results.

Pre-existing Threats

So far I’ve talked about how to avoid new threats, but pre-existing threats lurking on your PC may take the chance to grab your bank details when you sign-up to play in an online casino. Before you enter any sensitive information into your computer, you should scan the computer for an malicious software. Most anti-viruses offer this service but, as these are your bank details we’re talking about, it’s well worth getting a second opinion. Malware Bytes is an excellent free anti-malware program that will go through your hard drive and alert you to anything dodgy waiting to leap upon your details.

Know How Your Bank Works

It is in your bank’s interest that you don’t get scammed online. Many banks have put measures in place to ensure your safety. For example, all transactions made with Visa cards are protected by the ‘Verified by Visa’ scheme which will display a custom screen of your designing and will ask you to type in different numbers and letters from your password so that you can be sure that it is Visa you are communicating with when you enter your bank details.

Familiarise yourself with your bank’s online policies and if anything ever looks amiss on an online casino or if the site asks you for some details that your bank wouldn’t usually ask for, get out of there. You can never be too cautious and there will always be another online casino.

Read The Small Print

It’s tedious, but reading the small print could save you a lot of money. An online casino doesn’t have to be rogue or malicious to try and get money out of you. You need to be particularly careful when signing up for freebies – sites that offer a free amount of money to play with when you sign up etc. Usually, when you sign up for freebies, you are asked to enter your bank details. Be very careful when doing this, because a lot of the time the first $10 may well be free, but you’ve been quietly signed up to a subscription that will take an additional $10 out of your bank account every month. Read the small print and keep a close eye on your bank statements to make sure this isn’t happening to you.

Tips by Online Casino Masters

  • As mentioned above, make your own research online, before you start gambling. If you find even one warning sign, then keep looking for another online casino.
  • In this website, you can find reviews of online casinos that are 100% safe and have been tried and verified by our team.