Online Blackjack – Basic Info

Play Blackjack Online InformationOriginally called “Vingt-et-un”, Emperor Napoleon played it when he was not too busy conquering Europe, and unlike the age, 16 isn’t sweet at all. Following 15, it’s statistically the worst pair of cards you can possibly get. Yes you guessed it! Blackjack. Also known as 21 is one of the most popular online casino games in the world and without a doubt the most exciting one out there.

How to Play Online Blackjack

There are many game variations when it comes to online blackjack and while many successful players have different styles and gaming strategies they will all agree that despite its name the purpose isn’t just getting 21, it’s beating the dealer. In order to win in blackjack or in other words, beat the dealer, you must have a final card outcome which will overcome the dealer’s hand. The most preferable outcome is off course getting 21 in the first draw but it’s important to keep in mind that most rounds are not won by getting 21 points on the first hand. Therefore winning in blackjack is also possible by reaching a final score which is higher than the house without going above 21 or my personal favorite, seeing the dealer exceeding 21 and getting bust.

Online Blackjack Rules

In online blackjack the rules are straightforward. All cards are worth as the numeric value written on them while face cards: the jack, queen and king are worth ten points and the ace is counted as 1 or 11 points. Initially the dealer reveals one card and two cards are drawn for the player. According to the total sum of his pair and the dealer’s card, the player can decide if to “hit” and get an extra card or “stand” and stay with the first pair. When you receive in the initial draw two cards with a similar value (for example 8-8) a third option besides hitting or standing, is “splitting” your cards and increasing your primary bet. More options are Double Down which means to double your initial bet and draw one more card only or surrender and receive half of your amount. The dealer will then draw a second card for each one since the player is now playing two separate hands instead of one. After the player finishes his turn the dealer draws an extra card until he gets a total of 17 or more points.

In order to win in online blackjack your total sum of points must be higher than the dealers without exceeding 21 and getting “bust”. If in the final outcome both player and the dealer have a similar sum of cards, a “push” is declared and no one wins or losses on that hand.

Why Playing Online Blackjack is Better

Personally I’m a big fan of online casinos. First of all you are not required to wait till a table is free and you can always find a table which fits your budget unlike regular casinos were in most cases the minimum is high and doesn’t allow you to test different strategies in small bets in order to practice different styles while developing gaming strategies in blackjack. A blackjack strategy will help you improve you skills, and you will see the difference in your attitude towards the game. You will start making well calculated decisions instead of random choices and you will dream about numbers and statistics and how those should influence your game.

If you want to learn more about card counting, read our article here.

Live Blackjack Online

While playing online has many advantages as we mentioned above, it might not give you the same excitement as a live table game. Online casinos now have the answer to that too with the newly introduced live dealer blackjack games. You can now play online and choose a live dealer casino that gives you the chance to participate in multiplayer blackjack games and interact with other players and the dealer as well. You will feel like you are not just playing against a machine, there will be an actual person, whom you will be watching live through a camera, that will be dealing real cards in front of you. It is amazing! You will say “hit me” or “stand” and someone will actually listen and act accordingly. The fact that you can interact with the other players makes it even more interesting, just as in a brick-n-mortar casino. You get to meet new people, chat and see others winning. In my view, this is the greatest part. Seeing other people playing, thinking about their moves later, where they made a mistake, or whether they got it right will only improve your skills in blackjack.

Blackjack Tips by Online Casino Masters

  • If it’s your first time you are playing this game, give it 3-4 rounds betting the minimum, just to understand what the game is all about.
  • Online casinos offer different game variations. Make sure you are fully aware of the specific house rules in each platform. They will determine your advantages and disadvantages.
  • When it comes to numbers, always take in consideration the statistics. For instance, it will also show you that taking insurance is often a bad decision.
  • Always play on a budget and remember that making small bets in each round increases your playing time.
  • Learn to enjoy the game because this is how you will learn.
  • Interact with the other players in live dealer games, and understand their strategies, copy what you like!