Strategies for Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack StrategiesBlackjack is well known for its low house advantage edge making it one of the highest winning potential online casino games out there. However when it comes to blackjack, strategy is everything and it’s not all about the luck. In the following article I will review in a clear and simple manner several basic online blackjack strategies which I have encountered over the years.

Looking Beyond the Charts

The internet is full of statistical charts telling us when to hit, stand or surrender taking into account numerous variations such as the number of decks used or the specific house rules. Personally I always recommend people to make their own research as I did and learn how to improve their skills and game strategy. However, when I review all the information out there about online blackjack it always seems to me like a clear case of being unable to see the forest for the trees. In a nut shell I can conclude these charts by emphasizing the fact that when playing online blackjack your actions are always based on the cards you and the dealer have. Since online blackjack is a game which is played against the dealer, in most cases whenever the dealers card is 6 or lower its better to stand and hope he will get busted since 10 point cards have higher probability of being drewn. That rule is true also when you get a low card and the dealer has a higher card. Just keep in mind that the Jacks, Queens and Kings are just waiting in the deck to give us or the dealer 10 points. That also explains why in most cases it is better to “Double Down” hoping to receive a ten point card and reaching 20/21 points when you have received 10 or 11 points in your initial pair. These situations usually require that, unless the dealers has a 10 or 11 point card as well.

“Don’t get busted”

The basic principle of the “Don’t get Busted” strategy is to follow the understanding that while playing blackjack there are higher chances of getting a 10 point card than any other card. Four times as many considering the fact that Jacks, Queens and Kings are also worth 10 points. Following this mind set the “Don’t get busted” strategy recommends the player not to “Hit” a third card in any situation in which he might get “Busted” or in other words exceed 21 points. For example if the player received a jack and a 3 meaning a total of 13 points and the dealer has a king (ten points), it’s better not to draw a third card since 10 points will lead to getting busted. Just keep in mind that even if a lower card would be drawn it will have to be a 7 or 8 card (to be added to the initial 13 points) in order to achieve a statistical advantage on the dealer while chances of getting a 10 points card and getting busted are much higher. However if you stand with 13 and the dealer draws a low card he might end up getting busted himself while the same low card wouldn’t change your standing point.

Card Counting and Shuffle Tracing

A deck of cards has 52 cards and if a player noticed each and every card drawn craftily he should be able to have a better understanding of the remaining cards left in the deck. Technically that is correct also when there are 2 or even 3 decks of cards in the game. This legal, but frown upon game strategy is called card counting and if mastered should give the player a considerable edge in blackjack. However when it comes to online blackjack you can forget about it since advanced algorithms will make sure you will never be able to keep track of the cards.

Therefore my personal advice to you is to keep strategies such as card counting or shuffle tracing for the movies and focus more on improving other blackjack strategies and skills.


Online Blackjack is an exciting and sophisticated game especially when you improve your game strategies and obtain a better understanding of it. My tip to you is to explore this fascinating world called online blackjack strategies and don’t hesitate trying and learning new strategies just remember to have fun while doing it and always play responsibly.