Online Casino VIP Players VIP Players Online Casino MastersOnline casinos have their VIP players just like the land-based casinos. VIP players are known as high rollers. They are players that want to play big. You will not see them looking for free games or penny pokies, and they don’t need the no-deposit welcome bonuses, neither the free spins offers. They are also known as the “whales” of the industry. They like to gamble big amounts of money and always raising the bar higher.

High Roller Online Casinos

Not all online casinos are designed for VIP players, however, many of them offer a separate, unique VIP version of their website. If you are looking to deposit and play big, then there are many benefits the casinos offer you. This premium world of high roller online casinos is only for the few. The atmosphere of the VIP website is unique and way more luxurious, just like the private rooms of the land-based casinos, specially in high end destinations like the Monte Carlo. Walking around a casino, I am sure you’ve noticed designated areas where regular players are not allowed. In order to enter, you need to be a VIP member of the casino or have a special friend. If you visit the city of Monte Carlo, you definitely get this feeling, that everything around you is expensive and luxurious. I am sure that if you have been there, you understand what i mean. The restaurants, the night clubs, the private clubs and the exclusive events happening all around will amaze you. Don’t forget that Monaco was the scene of many Hollywood movies such as the Casino Royale James Bond movie from 2006. The special poker game was filmed in the exclusive “Casino de Monte Carlo”.  Well, it’s the same with online casinos. They have specific areas where not every player is allowed. If you want to gain access, you have to deposit a specific amount, and apply to be a high roller.

Top 4 VIP Online Casinos

Here are some online casinos with the best High Roller rewards: Top Online Casino Masters gives its VIP players higher loyalty points, special gifts and invitation to special VIP events. For example, in June 2014, they invited 6 VIP players with their dedicated account managers to see the rugby match of New South Wales Blues vs. Queensland Maroons in Sydney.

Royal Vegas Review Top Online Casino AustraliaRoyalVegas online casino gives the VIP status by special invites only. You will enjoy additional free spins, special events and casino credits. This online casino takes special care of its players, offering a premium support service, unlike any other casino.

Roxy Palace Online CasinoRoxyPalace has a special VIP status. You will enjoy higher deposit and withdrawal limits, higher bonuses and vacation packages. Some recent special gifts were a free trip to Dubai for two, for seven days, and a trip to Las Vegas, all included.

Ruby Fortune Online CasinoRubyFortune gives to its high rollers high deposit and withdrawal limits, personal account manager, and special gifts, such as a cruise to the Mediterranean.

What Games Do They Offer

The game variety is not different than the regular online casinos. You will find the usual games, such as online roulette, online blackjack, baccarat and more. However the quality is higher. High rollers have more VIP tournaments available. For example, if you decide to participate in a blackjack tournament, you will find around you other high rollers that want to play big. You will not see any player betting the minimum.

Special High Roller Benefits

Becoming a VIP player at an online casino gives you a lot of benefits. VIP players are given the highest attention and care by casino operators. High rollers enjoy faster withdrawals, better quality of the game, higher jackpots and exclusive gifts.

Some recent examples of exclusive gifts and events are The Mediterranean Cruise, where VIPs enjoyed a trip to the islands of Greece and Italy, and wondered around the street of Venice, the African Adventure in the Chobe River, where high rollers enjoyed travelling in Botswana and much more.

What is easily understood, is that becoming a high roller gives you a lot of benefits. However, you should ask yourself the question, if it suits your gaming style. VIP membership asks that you play big constantly, therefore your VIP status is evaluated regularly, and could be removed at any given moment. You shouldn’t risk your account balance just for the sake of the rewards. Keep in mind that each player has his own gaming style, and while some “whales” like to play big, but for a short time, other players, prefer to bet small amounts, and enjoy the gameplay for longer. A typical high roller player will decide to bet a big amount of money on a fast and high risk bet. For example, if you bet $100 dollars on the Black in roulette, you get a high risk, but also have equal chances of winning big in less than a minute. Otherwise, you could choose betting small money on different combination of a roulette table and play for longer time, lose some, win some and enjoy the game.

An important factor to keep in mind is that gaining the “high roller” status is not a committing choice. You may choose to play big money for a specific time, and then to go back to your usual status. Stay on the look for exclusive offers that casinos make to their VIPs. Maybe it is worth becoming a high roller for a short time, taking advantage of an offer and hoping to win the big prize! An example is the 32Red online casino, that every Tuesday doubles the loyalty points to its VIP players for specific games! This is a deal worth taking! If you sign up for this casino, remember to ask for your double points every Tuesday, or Ruby Tuesday as it is called. Review Promotion Australia

Online Casino Masters Tips for the High Rollers

As always, our team has evaluated the pros and cons of becoming a High Roller player, and here are our tips, if you are considering becoming a high roller:

  • High rollers enjoy special benefits, so if you like to play big, you should definitely apply for the VIP membership.
  • If you like to spend more time at an online casino, trying new games and strategies, then perhaps the high roller style doesn’t suit you. Consider staying at the regular player status.
  • Don’t become a high roller just for the rewards. If it doesn’t suit your game style, you will probably get upset from the high speed of the game, and the high risks and rewards associated.
  • Stay on the look-out for new offers and welcome bonuses by online casinos for their High Rollers! Don’t miss good offers!
  • Always remember to play responsibly and on a budget.
  • Before you start, read our reviews of VIP online casinos, to find one you can trust.