The Australian Gambler Who Beat The Casinos

Alan Woods – A Famous Australian Gambler

Casino Masters in AustraliaWhen you join an industry as a newcomer employee, for the job you always dreamed to do when you grow up, there is a huge set of achievements in your mind. or goals that you wish to pursue at the time of your career. There are those who consider gambling their jobs and they just become so good at it that can create their own breakthroughs to crack the system that operates any game. Those are the best employees a company can ever get, but who owns that brilliant mind to crack the operating system of a casino game that is based on chances.

There are only a few people in the whole world that chose this risky job and became billionaires. The risks are that you get banned by any casino, or that you pay a certain debt back, or even that you get your own property taken due to breaking the gambling laws. However, there are some people that were never caught stealing anything or breaking any law, and making a fortune out of taking the big risks, or not.

How It All Started

One of those professional gamblers is none other than Alan Woods. He is considered to be one of the top three gamblers in the whole world and he was born in Australia, in New South Wales to be exact, and passed away in Hong Kong in 2008 at the age of 62. He was born in 1945 and at his early age he had a passion for numbers and calculations, due to this passion he became a mathematician working as an actuary. His gambling career started not until he was at the age of 30. He just used his passion to learn how to count cards in BlackJack and he became a master. He started to make a small fortune out of that so he continued to use his unique skill. He began to travel around the world in small casinos. Being a mathematician is considered a boring job anyway, so why not. The only thing that was missing from his life was the right friends to go along with it. But not until he ended up in Hong Kong.

Making It A Business

There he met some fellow card-counters like himself and found out that they had a lot in common except money and a sense of adventure I suppose. With his new friends Bill Benter, and Walter Simmons they started to build a legacy that would change their lives. Using their unique thinking process they developed together a software program. The goal was to predict the winner in horse racing, but have they succeeded? The answer is no. At the beginning they lost 150.000$ so they continued to work until they make it right. They teamed up with some computer wizards, analysts, and accountants to help them achieve their ambition. So far sounds like a well-made Hollywood movie. But their goal is not yet achieved. I can imagine that it took them more than a few years and a lot of failures until the big jackpot prize came. The amount of thought and innovative ideas that they put to that.

I am sure that most of us would just give up at some point and go back to teaching math on a suburban area somewhere in Australia, but not him. They kept trying to make it right. The first success came a few years after and made 100.000$ in the year of 1986-1987. This was their starting point. From this point forward all three of them became multimillionaires. If you ask me it is not something easy to develop a similar program. Imagine the ideas that failed until the big winning hit. This is an example of hard work from three brilliant casino master minds of the last generation that only few people in globe know about. For a mathematician racing is nothing more than a difficult equation to solve. You just have to know variables and it’s all done. After this huge success Alan Woods lived most of his life in Hong Kong and only few people know how exactly he lived it, but I can assume that he was happy. After hitting the big time he tried other gambling games like bridge, sports-betting, and even stock market speculating …because why not? You see there is a different kind of air you feel around you when you use your favourite skill to earn money and achieve it, it’s called confidence but on a larger scale. This trio of geniuses was never really separated. They always were friends in real life and with a smile on their face, especially after their success.

There’s a big difference in having the idea and making it reality anyway. Alan Wood’s legacy was estimated 670$ million before his death. Good thing he died and his work is done I guess, casinos could be bankrupt if he kept going. He was considered a genius and a casino master that always liked to have a good time even at his late age.

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