Most Popular Game in Online Casinos

#1 Game in Online Casinos

Most Popular Online Casino Game Pokies SlotsIf you ever wonder which game is the most popular in the online casino industry, you should probably know that your gut points to the wrong direction. You would probably guess that the most popular game is Roulette, or BlackJack, or Poker, or Baccarat, or any kind of other classic games. But you are mistaken. These games definitely play a significant role to the progress of the online casino world, being traditional competitive and fun, but none of them makes for the most popular game.

The number one choice for most of the online gamblers is none other than the Pokies, or Slots as it is known world-wide.

You wouldn’t imagine an online casino these days without Pokies games available for the players. This is a good tip for the hot headed and open minded gamblers out there. Every online casino depends on the Pokies games. This is why casinos update their games variety and continuously introduce new slots games, trying to make it more appealing and interesting for their players.

Pokies History

How was the game of pokies or slots invented? It was created the day that the first Slot machine was made in the late 1800s. You didn’t expect that right? Slot was created when the first Slot machine was made… who would have thought. But in all seriousness, when the first machine was created it wasn’t even for casinos. It was actually made by Sittman and Pitt Brooklyn, New York US in 1891 and was placed inside several bars around America. It was based on Poker cards and the better card the better the benefit. For example, get a royal flush and you can treat yourself and your mates a beer at the bar for free. That was the main idea, give it a shot and you might get a free drink. It was noticed that the winning rate of this machine was on a pretty high percentage, so they decided to scale up a bit the level of difficulty or luck, call it whatever you like.

Consequently, different types and variations were developed on this machine, making it from 3 Reel to 5 Reel or changing the cards to other symbols or fruits, as you may have noticed. In no time, the game became popular and made it inside the casinos. This machine made a fortune to the developers and the sponsors that wanted a part of its brilliance throughout the years. The actual Slot machine as you know it today was made in the 1960s with a total automatic payout of 500 coins.

Why Online Pokies Exploded In The Internet?

All this historical facts are educational and interesting, but it doesn’t really matter a lot. What matters is the amount of money this invention made, and continues to make through the internet. The idea of this machine was encrypted in a program that was modified by a pretty common and easy algorithm by Microgaming software, and was introduced in the online casino world. The success was huge for a few simple reasons that we are going to pinpoint here fellow gambler:

  • It is an easy and fun game for everyone that plays. There are no rules here to remember and no cards or numbers. All you need to do is spin the wheel and really hope for the best.
  • You can play any time of the day. This provides the player with comfort and ease. For example, you can’t wake up early before work and join a game of poker when you don’t know what time it is going to end, or how much money you are going to use, or who else is going to join the table. It is just impossible. But with Pokies on the other hand you can easily log in to your online casino and make a spin as you drink your morning coffee, or when you wait for the bus, or whatever you are doing. It is convenient and relaxing, just don’t forget not to overdo it due to this benefit.
  • The biggest reason in my own humble opinion that online Pokies is the number one choice game is the jackpots. Yes, the jackpots in every online casino are huge and they are changing every hour. This continuous change is happening only because there are so many people playing Pokies worldwide from their phone, or their computer. Keep in mind that the biggest jackpots in online casinos are won in Pokies and especially in Megah Moolah. The most popular of all the Pokies games online.
  • There are new Pokies games in every online casino with new logos, more Reels, new advertising materials from different franchises like the movies Avengers, Thor, Frozen etc. This keeps the interest of the players on a high level.
  • Casinos usually offer free spins bonuses for their players. Take advantage of these offers and try new pokies games that come out daily.

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Now you can see the different reasons that Pokies is the number one choice of the online casino players. The main reason is the jackpot factor. There is a big time winner every week, or even every day, or even every hour. You can win from 40$ to 2.000.000$ or even more. The most known Pokies game for its biggest payouts to the players is Megah Moolah so we urge you to give it a shot and who knows you might win a million dollars.

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