New Tarzan Pokies

New Pokies Game Royal VegasThe most famous ape man drops his spear, moves away from the jungle and joins the fancy saloons of online casinos in the newly created Pokies game named after none other than the kid raised by apes, Tarzan. Who knew that a book written in 1912 by Edgar Rice Burroughs would cause this kind of impact to our civilization until this day. You can see Tarzan in TV, in new books for kids, in really any toy house, of course in the big screen many times throughout the years, and now in the new pokies game brought to you in almost every online casino out there. Every memorable character of the brilliant story is inside the game, and all of Tarzan’s friends are ready to help you get lucky. The game unfolds a really cool, and exciting jungle vibration to your guts with cool music and enjoyable gameplay. The cool logos create an environment similar to that of a movie or even better the book.

This game was brought to you by Microgaming and is the latest update of pokies in the web. Being new and fresh in the online casino universe offers new prizes for players and a chance to win up to 1,100,000 credits. There are multiple lines for you to reel which increases your chances of success. There is also one bonus feature added in the game called Bonus Wheel symbols where you win one of the following prizes.

Cash Prize: You can win x3 up to x6 multipliers of your total bet and make more earnings for you.

Pick-A-Potamus Bonus: Pick the relaxing hippos to win extraordinary prizes. You can pick as many as you want until the Pop up icon is revealed which ends your bonus.

Free Spins: Like every new Pokies you get free spins here as well. In this game you have 12 free spins with Rolling Reels and Growing Wilds. As you keep playing new wilds are added to the stacks up to 15.

Jackpot: There is always a chance to win the jackpot multiplier of up to 1000 times of your original bet.

It’s a lively Pokies game with still some surprises waiting for you to unravel. Some of the bonuses and multipliers are difficult to get since you have to reel and trigger them, and maybe the multipliers will get you frustrated but it’s worth a shot really, because at the end of the day all you need in this type of games is luck. The cool new added features keep your interest going and is enjoyable to keep playing for a little longer. This new Pokies will generate the passion that you thought you lost from your childhood years.

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