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Top Poker Events and Big Players What is the most competitive gambling game? Definitely not Slots nor Roulette. You can’t compete with your luck, whatever happens – happens. In Poker however you compete with your fellow players. The players are sitting on the same table, and every single one of them is trying to get your money. Now, in my point of view this is pure competition. You can sometimes see the anxiety levels rising when a hand is getting intense. But it is one of those games that however the game unfolds you have to keep your cool and proceed with an accurate move, and don’t take big risk; at least not unless you have to.

Poker is the only casino game that is broadcasted live almost in every single country during big events. The reason, of course, is because it is a full on competition between the players with suspense and interesting turnarounds. This game is only for hard nerved personalities that can keep their calm no matter the situation. Those people are the world’s most famous poker players that show up on the big table games for the prize.

Top Poker Events

The most famous of all the poker events is the WSOP, World Series Of Poker, and it is a well known event that goes on in different casinos throughout the years. There is the WSOP in USA and the WSOP in Europe, in which sometimes the same players have participated. I guess if you really adore a poker game you can travel around.

Mostly in USA the event is happening in Las Vegas, and in Europe in Monaco, Monte Carlo, and Berlin last year. It really depends on the casino that is willing to host the event.

The most known event of poker though, that is broadcasted every time in live television, is the World Tour. Here you can view the most thrilling rounds ever. There are also a lot of videos that have gone viral on the internet and you can see on Youtube or elsewhere. In the World Poker Tour usually the best players of the year gather on one table to compete with each other. The prize is the biggest of all the competitions but it is quite different every year. The live broadcast really depends on the casino’s policy but it is usually live and you can watch it as it is happening.

Another top poker event is the WSOP Circuit. It is a well known event that goes on in every casino. The last World Series Of Poker National Championship was won by 25-year-old Loni Harwood who earned her second golden bracelet. The prize she won was 341,599$. Not bad at all, don’t you think? But if you think it was an easy win you are wrong, because imagine how many tables you have to win to be the highest bidder in a national poker event.

The last worldwide poker event is the Card Player Poker Tour. All these events are happening every week, and every day all in different casinos, and the events are less known to the public. You can see the exact time and the exact casino that the event is happening. If you have a casino close to your house and the next poker event is there why don’t you go and give it a shot? You might win 341,599$ like Loni Harwood, and if it is your first time playing you can call it beginner’s luck.

Big Poker Players

There are some new players that make it to the big games and you might see them playing on the finals, but there are some top players that cannot be mastered by any of those kids, they stay on the top lists no matter what. One of those is Annie Duke from Los Angeles, they say she is the most dangerous poker player because she can win the pot with the best made bluffs ever. Chris Ferguson, another Las Vegas star that made a lot of money via gambling. Daniel Negreanu remains a fun favourite player, being funny in every table he joins. Phil Hellmuth is a rival of Negreanu because they can play heads up, which means face to face with only two players still on the game, every month or something like that. Phil Ivey is another dangerous player like Annie Duke, because he can keep his calm anytime, if he wins a 100,000$ pot or loses, his reaction is still the same, and his aggressive strategies are also a thing to be considered threatening. You can try and copy this guy if you can. Howard Lederer, known as the Professor of Poker, is also a top listed player. They say he is always thinking about the odds, and he can trace down the next card that will show up. John Juanda who was born in Indonesia, is another top listed world class poker player, known for winning the only the pots that matter. He is one the most difficult players to be out of chips, the last man standing. Last but not least Jennifer Harman definitely one of the best as well. She has won some big events herself and she is actually considered nowadays one of the best players in the world.

Join Live and Online Poker Events

If you are more interested in the poker events, keep in mind that if you are not close to any casino, you can always join any online casino make a real account and become a high roller poker star. It is really up to you. You might not become a star, but give it your best shot.

Poker is a thrilling and exciting game, if you like those things you should start a real account in an online casino and see how you can play in a live online poker game. You might end up to be a secret talent, who knows?

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