Spinions – Once they were called minions

Spinions Online PokiesThis online pokies game is on a very high level. The layout is automatically making it one of the most pleasant pokies throughout the internet. The combination of the beach party with a huge beach at your disposal, an impressive sound system, for music brings people together as Madonna wisely pointed out a few years ago, a beach bar for refreshments and edibles. Really now, could you ask for anything better? I think not, this game shifts your mood no matter how hard you were working all day, you will start feeling the mood changing. But that’s not all folks, there is more. We all know the famous Hollywood movie Minions where those little monsters caused hell with only the best intentions. Well now they are upgraded into spinions just for this online pokies game, they got their differences aside, changed looks, and looking as funny as ever they are ready for their beach party of their lives.

This game was developed by Quickspin and is now available in almost every online casino out there, but don’t get too excited yet because this game is not only about watching the spinions dancing, drinking, singing, and having fun in general, nope this game is difficult. You have to always keep a keen eye to spot the party animal spinion while he’s roaming around on your screen. Will you find him and click him or will he get away? Keep in mind that being a party animal he is not leaving this beach party so you have many opportunities, do you think you are up for it?

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Free Spins with the Spinions Online Pokies

Every time you get two party animals wilds you get a free re-spin no matter what. Now in my opinion this is a really important feature because as long as you are quick and spot them you get free spins. Keep in mind that you get free spins by any extra wilds you have collected so far, so it’s a win-win situation.

This pokies game is really entertaining and if you want to let loose for a few minutes and forget a difficult day at work this will definitely do the work for you. Remember that in every online casino once you register as a VIP you get even more free spins in pokies and also extra bonus in every other game as well as amazing prices. In conclusion this is a top rated and really fun game to play that some people may call it mood changer. Spinions in a beach party, what on earth could ever go wrong, don’t you think?

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