Online Pokies – Basic Information

Online Pokies How to PlayOnline pokies is my all-time favorite. If you are a beginner to online casinos, this game is the same as the traditional pokies machines in the casinos all around the world. You might know it as a Slot machine, or a Fruit machine, a Puggy or a Pokie. No matter what is the name you have been using, this game is just so simple and fun. Usually it has two or three reels and a button, the replacement of the old-school lever, to push for each round you want to play. Pokies are actually the most famous game in casinos. A first version of the game was invented by Sittman and Pit in New York in 1981, which became the most IN thing in the city in a few years. New Yorkers of the time fell in love with the game and were making lines in the bars to pull that lever. Well, years passed, and pokies machines went through several versions to reach what we all know today. Online pokies are no different. At an online casino you will find all the features and sounds you love and even great bonuses and free spins.

How To Play

What is the goal of the game? To win money of course! Now how do you do it? Each pokey game has its own symbols and characters. You will have to check what the winning combinations are and make the best out of each game. The most popular kind is the multi-line pokies. That means that there are many paylines, not just the horizontals. This simply increases your chances of winning and makes the game more interesting. Another key factor is the value of money you wish to play in each game. At online casinos, pokies start from as little as 0.01 cent, up to $5. The higher the value you wish to gamble, the higher your winnings will be. However, you need to be careful, because that minimizes your playing time, since you might reach your budget much faster, than playing with the minimum. So the steps are simple:

  • Choose the amount of money you wish to play
  • Push the button to start the pokies
  • Wait to see where the reels stop
  • Collect your winnings

Personally I love playing with an amount close to 0.20 cents. It’s is not the minimum and not even close to the maximum. That way, I can play for a longer time, winning a bit, losing a bit, but enjoying the game for a long time!

Online Pokies – Versions and Rules

Online Casino Masters Online PokiesEach pokies game has its own rules. You need to check what the winning combinations are, so that you know what to expect. Something that happens to me every time I start a new game, is that at the end of each spin there are songs and winning sounds while I have no idea why, and how much, I won. Well, even if that is fun for the beginning, after a point I like to check the combinations and know what I want to happen. At online casinos, you will find the regular pokies games, video pokies games, which are a new introduction, and progressive online pokies.

  1. Online pokies is the simplest version, and I highly recommend to players that want to have a few games, without becoming regulars. Their rules are straightforward, the paylines are many, the winning combinations are exciting and the games are fun.
  2. Online Video Pokies is the newest introduction. You won’t see any moving parts and what you are playing is actually a video game. You will find the most exciting designs and features and exciting sounds. They usually have 5 reels, instead of 3 offering more winning possibilities. These games also offer exciting bonuses that are the goal of each player. One sub-category of these games is the online video poker.
  3. Progressive Pokies have the highest winning potential. They basically offer big jackpots. It refers to a network of online pokies game, gathering money for the Big Win! Can you imagine winning that jackpot? Even if the chances are not high that it will happen it just gives more motivation while playing.


Tips by Online Casino Masters

When it comes to online pokies, I love playing every time I log in to an online casino for a few rounds. If you are a regular player, I suggest you play one of the online progressive pokies, since the more times you play, the more the chances you will hit that Big One, or even one of the smaller jackpots. However, if you are one of the players that want to try more games, without becoming a regular player, then I would definitely recommend the regular online pokies games or the video pokies, since they make the game more exciting. Always remember to play safe, play according to your budget and have fun seeing those reels spinning.