Progressive Online Slots

Online Progressive SlotsIf you’re new to slots (aka pokies machines/poker machines), why not check out our article on how to play online slots here.

Progressive slots aren’t slots with particularly enlightened views regarding gender politics. They’re slots, both on and offline, which have jackpots that increase every round they aren’t won – like a lottery roll-over.

Brick and Mortar Casinos

In casinos, identical slots are linked together and one big progressive jackpot can be won by a player getting the highest possible score on a machine. This means that the jackpot will grow quicker because there are multiple people paying into it at the same time. When the jackpot is claimed, it is reset to either zero, or the casino’s baseline amount.

Casinos often use huge screens to display the current jackpot because, who wouldn’t be tempted by the ever-climbing figures up for grabs at the numerous machines?

As with all casino games, the more you bet the more you have the opportunity to win. The slots which cost the most to play obviously have the highest and quickest-growing jackpots on the floor.


When playing online progressive slots, there is the potential for even bigger jackpots. An online casino can link together the slots games being simultaneously played by thousands of people across the world in multiple countries, across multiple continents, using multiple currencies.

Big Jackpot Winners

Cynthia Jay – In 2000 Cynthia Jay walked into Las Vegas a cocktail waitress and walked out a millionaire. She won $34,959,458 on a Megabucks slots machine. Her story has passed into Las Vegas legend, but not only for her massive win. Six weeks after her record breaking pokies scoop, she was paralysed in a car crash, inspiring rumours that bad things happen to big winners.

Anonymous – The largest ever slots jackpot win was back in 2003 in Las Vegas. Understandably, the 25-year-old winner has remained anonymous – possibly to avoid kidnapping, but possibly because they’re using the money to become a Batmanesque superhero. The Los Anglian put a $100 bill into a machine, and got $39,710,826.36 out. That’s almost a 40 million percent increase – quite the profit margin.

Johana Heundi – A pattern seems to be emerging as, like the above two Big Winners, Johana Heundi won her millions on a Megabucks machine in Las Vegas. The legend goes that she was on her way to breakfast, decided to have a quick flutter to start the day and then appeared to have won two million dollars. She had in fact won twenty two million dollars.

Elmer Sherwin – Not quite content with winning $4 million the first time round, the 92 year old Elmer Sherwin went on to win again 16 years later, pocketing $21.1 million.

Giorgios M – The biggest reported online progressive slots win was Giorgios M who put in $6 and won $8.5 million.

Famous Slots Games

If you’re paying attention, you’ll know that Megabucks is the big name in offline progressive slots in the brick and mortar casinos. Online, however, is a different story, with film themed games being the most popular with titles such as Gladiator, Pink Panther, Iron Man and The Dark Knight. Another famous online progressive slots game is the ‘Mega Moolah’ – the game on which the aforementioned Giorgios M won his record breaking digital moolah. We made a more detailed list with the top 10 pokies games here.

Interesting Facts about Slots

There are reports of players operating in ‘slot-teams.’ These groups of gamblers aim to dominate a group of machines at what they consider to be the optimal point of progressive jackpot’s build-up. These players pool their money and each take a slice of the jackpot – everyone wins. Presumably the reports about this are vague because it’s probably not a tactic that is popular with the casinos.

Tips by Online Casino Masters

  • Some casinos operate slot-players clubs. Players pay a subscription fee and get certain benefits such as free slot play, special events and more. This could be worth investing in depending on how often you visit the casino and which machines you play. This is another factor to consider in your progressive slots strategy.
  • Just because the jackpot is big and has been growing for a long time, doesn’t mean you or are any other player is more likely to win soon – that’s not how probability works.
  • By reading our online casino reviews, you will find which casinos have the biggest jackpots right now!