Most Popular Online Poker Games

Most Popular Progressive Pokies Games OnlineFind information about the most popular online Pokies games, and all the facts about the unique features of each game. Pokies is the most popular game of any online casino, no matter the country or the players that keep the fun going. There is no doubt that all Pokies games are fun, simple and quick! It is easy and everyone can play in a few steps. However, our team will try to bring you the most exciting and rewarding games from all those out there. We have done our research, and by answering the following questions, we made our list with the 10 most fun and with the most winning potential pokies games for our readers.

Do you know all the different kind of Pokies? Do you know in which of those games you have more chances of winning, or in which you have less? What is the difference between regular pokies games and progressive slots or pokies? We are going to answer those questions for you. I guess you have noticed so far that in almost every online casino the biggest jackpot is in Pokies games, this shows that many players are joining in just to roll the wheel a few times and who knows what happens. The highest winners are also in Pokies, in almost every online casino. This game has high potential of giving you big pay outs.

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10 Most Popular Pokies

There are lots of Pokies games. There might be a new one introduced every week, depending on what is trending really. What the crowd wants is the most important asset in managing an online casino, so the Pokies games hold different themes for the gamblers except for the traditional ones with the fruits, for example. Here we are going to pinpoint the most popular Pokies games and also provide you with some important information regarding each and every one of them:

Jurassic Park

You will see that the theme of the different games is usually based on a big franchised movie, especially the new Pokies games. This game currently holds an even bigger jackpot prize than Mega Moolah in 1.900.000$. The minimum betting is 0.30$ and the maximum is 75$. I guess you can go wild like a dinosaur and bet 75$ on a single bet that is why it is called Jurassic Park maybe.

Game Of Thrones

If you are a fan of the world wide known television show you will love this game. You might think that everybody loses here considering the plot of the show but in the online game, that is not true. You can rest assured that nobody dies here. This also has one of the biggest pay outs percentages in online casinos. You can bet from 0.30$ to 30.00$, I guess it is ok. The current jackpot is 6.050.000$ so be sure to check that out as fast as you possibly can.

Terminator 2

Terminator 2 offers a higher chance of winning than the Game Of Thrones Pokies game, at least that is what the numbers show. Maybe you are protected by an online Arnold Schwarzenegger, who knows why, but that is what the numbers and percentages show us. Your starting bet here is 0.25$ and the maximum bet you can make is 150$. The current jackpot is 865.000$.

Queen Of The Nile

One of the most played Poker Game. Featuring Egyptian history effects and a high percentage winning rate as well. You can bet from 0.01$ to 4$ per line. Maybe you will be as happy as an Egyptian emperor after you try this game of Pokies. It is quite different than the other Pokies we mentioned so far. More traditional, just spin and see if you win type of play.

Jacks or Better

This is an online video poker version. One of the most played pokies games in land-based and online casinos. The best combination to get is of course the Royal Flush which will give you the jackpot.

Thunderstruck 2

This magic game offers 243 paylines and an amazing high quality of graphics and sounds. Get ready for an all-around experience with romance, music and surprise journeys for the pleasure of the players.


This is a great pokies game! It is a favorite between the VIP or high roller players, as the maximum bet is $1250 on a single spin!!! 25 paylines and 5 reel video pokies game. In addition, this game offers random bonus rounds with unique prizes.

The Dark Night

Inspired by the famous movie, one of the most popular games offered by Microgaming. 243 paylines and random bonus rounds with surprise prizes. A great progressive slot game for the fans of the movie. At first, you choose your character, then spin the wheel for winning the jackpot.

Mega Fortune

A bit different kind of gameplay than the previous ones as well. Here you can also earn and have fun playing. The winning rate percentage is similar to Terminator 2. The current jackpot here is more than 7.000.000$ so hurry up. You can bet from 0.25$ to 50.00$.

Megah Moolah

The current Mega Jackpot is steadily over 1 million dollars. There is no other Pokies game as popular as this. It is fun, but you really think it is popular just because of that? It is popular because it holds the world wide record of pay outs. The record of this game’s huge jackpot is 7 million dollar and it was won by a man in April 2015. I can feel your urge to start betting on Megah Moolah, because I feel it too. It is a fun game that despite its high pay outs everybody has fun playing once in a while. The minimum bet you can place is 0.25$ and the maximum is 6.25$. It is one of the few slots games that you can bet up to 6.25$ and yet win such a huge jackpot prize. Keep in mind that for you to learn how this game actually is being played you have to make a real account in one of the online casinos and see for yourself. It is pretty simple actually.

That’s all for Pokies

These are for sure some of the most known online Pokies games. You can view and play each and every one of them in the recommended top online casinos. Keep in mind that the jackpots might change from minute to minute, no one is sure when someone will take those 7 million dollars. Maybe it is a player that has learned about the online casino world through here. Good luck to all our readers, we hope you are the next one to hit the big jackpot!