Strategies for Online Roulette

How to win roulette strategiesOnce you’ve got to grips with playing the roulette wheel (if you haven’t, be sure to check out our article on it here) what you really want to know is how to win. That’s when you start playing strategically, as many gamblers before you have. Here’s a rundown of the top strategies for winning over the wheel and getting rich from roulette.

The Labouchère System for Roulette

The Labouchère System is actually a betting system that can be used for playing many different casino games, but it is particularly well known in the roulette world. It is a system that forces the player to be disciplined and to gamble with a set amount of winnings in mind – as it is so often that a gambler, emboldened by a huge win, will feel so invincible that they carry on gambling and lose all their winnings on the very next spin of the wheel.

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How To Use The Labouchère System

This system is based on even chance, 50/50 betting odds, so it can only be used on 1-18/19-36, Odd/Even or Red/Black bets.

Before you begin, decide how much money you would like to win. Let’s assume that it is $100. Now, divide this into ‘units.’ If your units are $10, then you are aiming to win 10 units in order to win $100. Now divide these units into groups of smaller numbers that add up to the total value of a unit – these are called ‘betting lines.’

Here is a sample betting line for one of our $10 units: 1-4-2-3

The aim is to cross out these numbers by winning bets corresponding to their size. You take the first and last numbers of a betting line and add them together (using our example betting line: 1 + 3 = 4) you then place a bet which is that number of units (4 units = $40). If you win your bet, you can cross off your numbers, so our betting line would now read:  4-2

Keep going until you have cleared all your lines – probability says that you should now be walking out with more than you walked in with.

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The Martingale System

The Martingale System, as a ‘progressive betting system’, is related to The Labouchère System, but is a lot simpler. A Martingale in probability theory is a game in which knowing about previous outcomes does not help to predict future outcomes. The betting system is based on this idea.

Using The Martingale System

This system only works on even odds, 50/50 bets.

The player places a bet (let’s say it’s $10.) If the player loses, they double their bet next round (this time they bet $20) and so on until they win, at which point they start all over again. This means that the player will always have a net win equal to their original bet. If they win on their first try, they win back their $10, if they get to the point where they’re betting $200 and finally win, they are now $10 up.

The Paroli System

The Paroli System, although operating on similar principles, could be seen as the opposite of The Martingale System.

It is based on the idea that wins and losses come in streaks.

Using The Paroli System

Like The Martingale System, the player bets a standard amount, or one unit. The aim is to win three bets in a row. When they win they double their bet. If they win three consecutive bets, or if they lose, they return to betting their standard amount. This ensures that players are only ever risking one unit of their money at a time and winning streaks should (probability-wise) cover any losses as well as hopefully adding some winnings to the pile at the same time.

The Reverse Labouchère

This is a variation of the The Labouchère System which turns it into a positive progression system like The Paroli System.

Using The Reverse Labouchère

When a player wins, they add the value of their bet to the betting line. When they lose, they delete the numbers used.

The aim is to reach the table’s maximum – at which point the player should be able to walk away with a nice amount of winnings.

Online roulette - How to win - Strategies

Tips by Online Casino Masters

  • Roulette is a fun game, and once you have played a few rounds, using one of the above strategies, is highly recommended if you want to maximize your winnings and your play-time.
  • You can use some of the free spins that online casinos usually offer, and try out these techniques.
  • Read our online casino reviews and start playing with reputable and safe casinos.