Introduction To Online Seven Card Stud Poker

How to play online Seven Card Stud PokerSeven Card Stud Poker was the most popular poker game in the world until it was finally surpassed by Texas Hold ‘em over the last couple of decades. It still remains one of the most popular poker variants in casinos and online, as well as a regular fixture of poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP). In this article we’re going to outline how seven card stud differs from other poker variants, and how you can get started straight away.

If you don’t already know the basics of poker, you may want to read our Introduction to Poker here.

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The Basics of the Game

As with all poker variants, you will need a standard deck of cards, some poker chips, and a table to play on.
Seven card stud is, because of the amount of cards used, slightly more restrictive than Texas Hold ‘em: typically only 2-8 players can play at a time.

Seven card stud follows the same principles as most poker games – the players bet against each other to be the last man standing with the highest value poker hand. The values of the different possible poker hands are all included on our introduction to poker article.

Before play begins, all players must pay an ‘ante’ – this, like the small and big blinds in Texas Hold ‘em, is a compulsory bet usually of a low denomination which is placed in the prize pool.

How to Play in Steps

  1. The dealer burns (discards) one face down card and then deals the first set of cards – commonly known as the Third Street.
  2. Each player is dealt three cards, two are face down and the final one is face up. The player with the lowest value face up card must now pay a ‘bring-in’ – another compulsory bet, which starts the first round of betting.
  3. The first round of betting progresses as it does in any other poker variant.
  4. Now a card is burned and a second face up card is dealt to each player. A second round of betting ensues with the player whose face-up cards making the best poker hand making the first bet.
  5. If necessary, there are now a third and fourth round of dealing single face-up cards, followed by betting. These rounds follow the same pattern as the second.
  6. There is now a fifth betting round and, if necessary, a showdown. In the showdown, players must make the best poker hands they can out of the seven cards they have been dealt.
  7. If no players have folded by the time the game has progressed to the fourth round, there is a possibility that the dealer will run out of cards. If using the burned cards is sufficient to complete the game, this will be done. If it is not then a single burned card is placed face-up in the centre of the table and is used as a community. All players can use this card in conjunction with their own to create the best poker hand they can.

Getting Online

All reputable online casinos offer seven card stud as it is still an immensely popular poker game. Thankfully, online you don’t need to worry about burn cards and running out of cards as the computer does it all for you.

You can play with other players around the world and some sites even offer video poker played with a real life casino dealer. It couldn’t be simpler.

Variations of Seven Card Stud Poker

There are several other stud variations. For example, Mississippi Stud is like a Texas Hold ‘em Seven Card Stud hybrid that removes the fourth betting round – meaning that the betting structure of the game is the same as Hold ‘em but the players receive their own cards rather than sharing community cards.

In Roll Your Own players turn one of their face down cards over in place of one of the betting rounds, adding another interesting spin to the betting/bluffing dynamic.

Tips by Online Casino Masters

  • Pay close attention to your opponents’ cards – you can work out the possible hands they could have from the visible cards.
  • If you’re serious about playing for money online, it’s well worth keeping a table of the odds of winning open in another browser window – a luxury you couldn’t use in a casino.
  • If your first three cards are particularly high, play aggressively for the rest of the hand.
  • Make sure you play with a reputable online casino, so read our reviews before you start.