Starting with Online Casinos

Starting with Online Casinos in AustralilaSo, that’s the story: You have been saving money for the past year, arranging your leave days from work and preparing your annual holiday. You can really not wait for that time of the year when you can relax, enjoy and do whatever makes you happy, takes your adrenaline high and recharges your batteries for the following regular time back home. Well, me personally, I always like to start dreaming and planning my next vacation early on. I like to know as much as possible for my destination, where to stay, what to eat, which landmarks are worth visiting etc. But what I never forget, is to check whether there is a casino close to that place.


Yes, I love the adrenaline rush I get from entering a new casino! I love walking in and passing through all the tables until I find my favorite games. Usually, I like to try all the different games, I have my own rhythm and rituals which I keep every single time to bring me luck. I am always keeping track of the money I am spending without getting over excited.

That was the story until recently, when the online casinos came to the picture. With online casinos, I do not have to wait for my vacation, or check where the closest casino is to have some fun. Now, I can simply go till where my laptop is (usually next to me – hehe) and get the same exciting experience. I have come a long way till now with online casinos. I have managed to keep my balance sheet always on a + by keeping my own rules, therefore, not only not losing money, but gaining a steady income. Now I have decided to share my knowledge and experience with you.

If you are just starting with online gambling there are some important things to know. The most important is to stay on the safe side. Always play on a safe and trustworthy established casino. It is not that hard to tell the difference since legal online casinos will make the most to communicate that message with their customers. Look for that eCogra stamp. That means that a 3rd party is monitoring and checking that the practices and techniques used by the online casino are fair and neutral.

Another important factor contributing to the safety of the casinos is the software they are using. The most popular ones are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and 888. Unless you are sure that the casino you want to start playing is functioning one of the above online casino softwares, don’t trust it.

If you are worried about depositing your money, you shouldn’t be. All the trustworthy online casinos give you plenty of banking options, such as Visas, Mastercards and other e-Wallets so I am sure that your preferred method is included. Bank transfer is also an options but keep in mind that it usually requires some business days for the money to actually reach their destination, that being for deposits and withdrawals as well.

Finally, before starting make sure you read reviews for the online casinos to see what other players have to say about their experience. This is exactly what we do. We, ourselves have tried all the casinos listed in this websites, so you can find all the advantages and highlights of each one, as well as their weak points, when we have spotted some. Therefore, before you start, double-check with our online casino guide and reviews that you are in the correct way.