Online Video Poker – Basic Info

Online Video Poker AustraliaVideo Poker is a game that professional gamblers prefer to play online. Why is that? Simply because of its rules and payouts. Each players needs to understand the payout percentages and then play accordingly. This simply makes this game beatable because the odds can be on your favor.

Video poker became extremely popular during the 1980s when players could understand better the straight forward instructions, comparing to complicated pokies machines, where reels and combinations are hard to follow, most of the times. Online video poker made a huge revolution in the online casinos world for the exact same reason; the high payout percentages and its simplicity. If you are familiar with the rules of the traditional poker, then this game is ten times simpler, and creating a strategy is crucial, since you play against the machine only, and not against other players, who might be the next Joe Hachem.

How to Play

If you are unfamiliar with this game, then make sure you make some research before. The time you spent in studying a few lines about video poker, like these ones, will really pay off, since it is a game of odds. Knowing your odds and playing with a strategy is very important since this is a game you can actually “beat”. First you need to choose a “Pay Table”. Each one has different variations and each combination has a unique payout. You can find the percentages for each combination and pick the Pay Table with the best hands. Once you have chosen your Pay Table, it’s time you bet some money. Make sure you bet small amounts at the beginning, to fully understand how the game goes. The more you play, you can start increasing your betting amounts. Now it’s the time to press the “Deal Button” and wait for your hand. You will be given 5 cards, and you can ask to change one or more on the hope of getting a better one for your hand. Make sure you check which hand pays the most and is more likely to come while deciding which cards to discharge, if any. Combinations are similar to the Poker game (Pair, 2- pairs, 3 of a kind, straight, full-house, four of a kind –My personal lucky 8888-, straight flush and of course the great win Flush Royal which during my career I have witnessed only once; (therefore, it can happen).

Online Video Poker Versions

When playing video poker online, you have many options for games to choose. There are several variations, and each category has different payouts and payback percentages. Some of the most popular video poker games are: Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Wild, Bonus Poker and more. In Deuces Wild and Joker Wild there are cards that can be used as a Wild card, meaning they can replace any other card, making the game much more interesting and the value of such cards much higher. The most common kind of video poker is Jacks or Better, where the minimum winning combination is a pair of Jacks (JJ), hence the name of this classic game.

Another major category of online video poker game, is the Progressive Jackpot Video Poker. In this category, every time a players bets an amount of money, a part of it is kept for the big jackpot, meaning that a lucky player could win it, when hitting the lucky, but rare, hand. Winnings can get very high, so playing such a game gives an advantage higher payout if you hit the lucky Jackpot.

Online Video Poker Rules

Online video poker is played with the 52-card deck, except the games that include a Wild Card or Joker, so they have more of those cards in the deck. Here are the basic rules for playing video poker online:

  • Bet your amount.
  • Press the Deal button.
  • The game will give you 5 random cards from the deck.
  • Now choose which cards you wish to change and which one you want to keep.
  • Collect your winnings according to the value of the combination in the pay table.

Tips by Online Casino Masters

Video poker is a very interesting game with dedicated followers. If you are starting now, make sure you understand the rules and the basic strategies of this game. Start by playing low, and the more confident you get to be, increase your bets. Here are my basic guidelines for this beatable online casino game.

  1. Study the Pay Tables before playing. In this game you have the advantage of knowing how much you can win.
  2. Once you feel familiar with the rules of the game, bet the Maximum amount. That way, you maximize your chances and your returns.
  3. Try different versions of online video poker till you find the one that suits you the most.
  4. Try playing the Double Bonus since it offers the highest payouts.
  5. And my last tip, which I have been repeating for all the casino games, set a budget before you start playing. That way you don’t lose track of your money and manage to play responsibly while getting all the excitement from the game.

Always remember, video poker is a game that you can beat.